How to manifest what you want in 6 simple steps

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction, manifesting your desires, vision boards, The Secret, and you’re intrigued?

You may have even tried to manifest what you want but you’re stuck. It’s not really worked for you, you haven’t quite conquered this whole Law of Attraction, manifesting lark, and yet you’re still drawn to it.

It could be your simply missing out of one of the steps needed to making your dreams happen.

Here I explain the 6 steps that I use to manifest things.

  1. Intention

“Everything that happens in the universe, starts with an intention” Deepak Chopra

If you have already worked with me, whether in one of my workshops or as a coaching client, you will have heard me talk about intention.  It’s the very first step.  Everything starts with intention.  It is the starting point to every dream.

When wanting to manifest what you really want, it’s vital that you awaken your creative power and you do this by identifying and writing down your intention.  This opens the door to our desires being heard by the universe.  To intensify this, meditate beforehand and visualise how you are feeling whilst manifesting your dreams (step 6 explained later on).

  • Get Clear

The next step is to get really clear about the intentions you have written down.  With clarity comes knowing.  When you know exactly what you want, you can then make the steps required to creating your ideal outcome.  Write down what it is that you want to be, do or have in your life and create a vision board (if you want to know how to make a vision you can check my blog on vision boards

  • Ask

You’ve set your intention, you’ve become clear.  Now it’s time to amplify things.  And you do this by asking the universe for what you want.  The universe has your back and when the universe is clear on what it is you want, then it really can help you.

A great way to do this is to look at your vision board, practice a short meditation and write a letter to the universe every day.  This daily practice will make really clear to the universe your requests.

  • Make A Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” Antoine De Saint-Exupery

The next step is to make a plan of action.

To start making a plan, I suggest you firstly slow down and take a deep breath.  The goal that you have intended and become clear on might be huge but you don’t need to panic, you have asked the universe and now it’s about aligning yourself by making a plan.

Where do you start?

You start by setting a foundation and writing your plan down.  Without writing it down, it is simply an ‘idea’ and it’s not enough to simply wish for it, you have to plan out your goal.

Start with the end in mind, the ‘big picture’ and then work backgrounds.  I use a tool called the 30-60-365.  From here you then decide what action do you need to be doing on a consistent daily basis to achieve both your short term goals, your long term goals and beyond.

  • Work Towards Your Goal

“It is better to make many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backwards” Old Chinese Proverb

Once you have planned the steps that you are to take to realise your goal, it is time to get into action.  To take a step forward, one at a time and cross off your goals as you work through them.

Have a clear laser-beam focus on what you’re wanting to accomplish right now.  The universe is co-creating alongside you and helping you through.  All you have to do is step forward.

I use a daily to do sheet, along with a weekly reflect, success and plan sheet and I review where I’m at once a month.  This keeps me laser focused.

  • Raise Your Frequency

Affirmations, Gratitude, Mantra Meditation and Movement

When working towards your dreams it’s easy to get disheartened, frustrated and doubt the process, especially when things are taking longer than you expected.  Be careful with your thoughts! Questioning the universe will bring about the universe manifesting the reality of your doubts and here you can remain stuck.  We live in a fast world and often expect fast results.  But remember, that the universe has your back and things happen in perfect timing.  Trust the process.

Letting go of your self-limiting beliefs, outside distractions, the things we cannot control, and practicing patience will see you uplevel and open you up to a world of possibility.

Raising your frequency and keeping your frequency high is an essential and ongoing part of you manifesting what you want. 

To help you raise your frequency bring affirmations, gratitude, mantras, meditation and movement into your life every day.  To stay in alignment with what you truly desire, these daily practices are of upmost importance.

Try this daily mantra

Daily Mantra

“My goals and dreams are getting closer and closer every day. 

The universe has my back and I feel awesome”

Now be ready to receive.

Lisa x

This Girl Is Love

This Girl is Love.

This is my Gift.

I knew as a little girl my place here is to love. To radiate unconditional love that will inspire someone to believe in themselves and rise above … to guide others to be who they are meant to be, to take them from darkness and shine into the light.

But this little girl become lost on her journey.

Anger and hate and hurt projected her way and left her feeling broken and lost … the feelings for her soul where too overbearing … And left her feeling Fear.

It was too painful to go within.

I know now that this was meant to be because this is my path.

Without that darkness, how can I lead to the light.

Without that darkness, how can I inspire another to take that shakey scared step forward.

So I learned to go within.

And this is me … Love.

What is your Gift? I would love to know.

Learning to Forgive..


Funny how you think you’ve got over something, that you’re carrying on with life with not much thought of your past and life is good

But inside there is a niggle, there is something holding you back, blocking you from moving forward, stopping you from living at your best

You’re wanting to grow, to become more, to impact more and everyday you’re trying your Best, but something is keeping you stuck

This week I had a moment!

An insight

An ‘Ah Ha’

And it literally knocked me side ways

You see I’ve learned to live with the thing that hurt me bad but I hadn’t forgiven

I hadn’t forgiven them and I hadn’t forgiven me

This left me in a ball, crying, sobbing, screaming

I let it all out … I grieved for the little girl who felt the pain, the hurt, the anger, the numbness

And I held her close, telling her it will be alright

And then I felt the waves wash over me

I felt the anger and the hurt lift

I felt the calm

I’m letting go

I’m forgiving

I’m not fully there yet, but I feel the layers pulling back

I feel myself rise

And I know in my heart, as I forgive I will come up from the flames

More powerful, more beautiful, more at peace

I am learning to close this chapter

I am learning to forgive

Lisa x

To Speak to Yourself with Love and Acceptance

Today I would like talk about affirmations … Have you heard of the phrase ‘you are what you think‘?

Well it’s true, we shape our reality with what we think and say to ourselves. If you believe something you will experience this belief. As Ralph Waldo Emerson says “We become what we think about all day long”.

Affirmations can be both positive and negative. How do you speak to yourself? With love or with criticism? I can or I can’t? If you are currently not feeling so great about you / life / business then take a look at what you are saying to yourself every day and then take the time to re affirm that belief … Don’t worry, I’m going to help you with this.

When you re affirm how you speak to yourself you will begin to purify your thoughts … In other words re train the brain to begin to think more positively and this will help you to move towards your vision.

Try this simple exercise Write down 10 things that you say to yourself that are said without love such as:

  • I can’t …
  • I am no good …
  • I’m too tired …
  • I’m not good enough …
  • It’s too hard …
  • I have no time …

Now, write down 10 positive affirmations to turn the way you speak to yourself into a positive, self-loving, empowering words:

  • E.g. I am … (beautiful)
  • I can … (do anything I set my mind to)
  • I will … (succeed)

Place these positive affirmations on a mirror that you look in every day and each day say them to yourself.

Take it to the next level … Every time you hear yourself saying something out of love, stop and re affirm.

Lisa x

How to self-care with affirmations

Have you heard of the phrase ‘you are what you think?’.

How do you speak to yourself? With love or with criticism?

Or maybe you’re not sure. We often speak to ourselves in such an automatic way that we don’t even realise how unkind or unfair we are being to our very core and yet these words can dis-empower us from doing the things that we really want to do and even worse, stop us from being who we really want to be.

You have to be careful with your words. It is time to become aware of how you talk to yourself and learn a whole new awesome self-caring, self-loving, self-empowering way.

It is time to be your own best friend. So, what is an affirmation? An affirmation is a chosen word that is positive towards oneself and when practised daily will create a powerful self-care habit that really can change your life.

Affirmations help to purify the thoughts and are a great way to re train the brain to begin to think more positively about yourself. If what you think you become, then it’s a pretty awesome idea to engage in the practice of positive affirmations.

In with the new self-empowering thinking, out with the old stinking thinking. Try this exercise

Write down 10 things that you say to yourself that are said without love, such as: I can’t … I am no good at … I’m too tired to … I’m not good enough … It’s too hard … I have no time …

Write down 10 positive affirmations to turn the way you speak to yourself in a more positive, self-caring, self-loving and empowering way. E.g. I am … (beautiful) I can … (do anything I set my mind to) I will … (succeed) Now, take these positive affirmations and write them down of 3 separate sheets of paper.

Attach one sheet to a mirror that you use daily, place one by your bed and the other place in your purse. This will allow you to look at and read these words every single day.

Remember, you are what you think. When you hear yourself thinking stinking thoughts about yourself, quickly turn that thought around with your new awesome positive affirmation.

Question As you go about your day today, become aware of how often you say to yourself things like … ‘I can’t’, ‘I’ve no time’, ‘I’m stupid’, ‘I’m always late’, ‘I’ll get this wrong’.

Can you come up with an opposite to these negative ways of talking about yourself? Let me know. I would love to hear.

Lisa x

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Your Word of the Year

Have you heard of ‘Your Word of the Year’?

No, well neither had I, until last January when my mentor introduced me to it, and wow am I glad I did.

You see in 2017 I was in a dark place, I felt lost, unsure, uncertain and un-confident of who I was and where I wanted my life to be. I kinda went through that year in a bit of a stressed out blur.

Before I knew it, I was heading towards the New Year of 2018 and family and friends were talking about their New Years Resolution and asking me what mine would be.

Here’s the thing, I don’t like New Year Resolutions. I choose a problematic behavior (typical ones like over eating, swearing, smoking, drinking too alcohol) and go for it – ‘I’m going to stop eating all the cake, lose 10lbs, join a gym and run every day‘!

Then come February, I’m back in my comfort zone of old eating habits, feeling guilty pleasure at just eating that cake full of choc icing, I’ve been to the gym like twice and again, I’VE FAILED! I now feel miserable,. Heck my Mother In Law doesn’t even make New Year Resolutions anymore because she’s failed like 75 times!

So she has decided what’s the point. The thing with a New Years Resolution is it makes you look at your flaws, tackle them with no real plan of action, only to fail and feel worse than you did before. So what will help you as you start the New Year?

Let me introduce to the ‘Word of the Year’. An amazing way to bring that clarity, focus and longer term motivation into your New Year? Word of The Year A ‘Word of The Year’ is simply a word that is chosen by you, that will guide you for the year ahead.

A word that allows you to access your inner wisdom and helps you to bring focus and clarity to what you want to create in your life. A word that will bring you strength when you need it.

You simply let the energy of the word guide you. How awesome is that, instead of focusing on your flaws or all the things you should change / stop doing / be better at, you choose a word that is going to empower you for the year ahead.

Do you have a word of the year? Reply and let me know,

I’d love to hear it. Would you like to have a word of the year? Yes, then comment below and I will send you list of ideas to help you to get started.

Lisa x

Not Everyone Will Like You, And That’s OK

(they are simply not on your frequency)

Are you living a life where you want to be more, you want to make a difference in the World, but you find it so hard to really be who you are meant to be for fear that others won’t like you?

For example, you’ve had this amazing idea and you’ve made the decision to go for it, you’re going to do it, and then someone shoots you down, tells you your idea is crap, disagrees with you and belittles you; and you find yourself cowering in the corner, agreeing with them, nodding your head up and down and thinking ‘how stupid am I to come up with something so ridiculous’.

Or maybe you got going on your idea and then you hear through the grapevine that such a person has said ‘who do you think you are?’ You want the ground to open up, you want to go into hibernation, you’re shocked and hurt and you cry!Or you’ve had this amazing idea but you stop yourself with seeing it through for fear the above will happen!

You can feel the pain in your tummy, your head starts racing with all kinds of horrible thoughts, you feel like you’ve been hit by a bull dozer, and you decide they are right and you stop doing what it is that you wanted to do. You stop you from being YOU!Yep, Me Too!

I understand.

But, I am here to tell you that you do not need to be liked by everyone and not everyone has to agree with what you are doing.To explain this more, let me take you back to the old me …I’ve always had big ideas, big dreams. I’ve always known that I can make a Big Impact on the World.

But something kept stopping me.

And that thing that got in my way was a FEAR OF NOT BEING LIKED!

I have spent most of my life trying to please others, believing that if I acted in a certain way, or said this or agreed with everybody that I would be liked. The truth is, even when you try to please everyone, you will not please everyone and someone will still not like you. And you become like a dog chasing its tail, going around and around in circles, jumping through hoops, for someone that will still not like you and who actually disrespects you.

The thing is that when the approval of others becomes your top priority and you have this all consumed obsession to make everyone like you, you not only feel the intense and unbearable pain of someone not liking you (because despite your efforts there will still be that one person who just doesn’t like you), but you also stop yourself from living a life of abundance and experiencing so many wonderful things.

It stops you from doing the things that you deeply wish to do.It doesn’t serve you, heck, it doesn’t even serve the person who you’re trying so desperately to please. What I have learned is that this need to be liked by everyone comes from needing external validation of yourself, thinking that the outside (opinions of others) will deem you worthy and good enough, because you are full of self-doubt.

I came to realise that I didn’t love myself, I didn’t consider myself worthy or good enough. But I also knew that I wanted to impact 1000’s of people, to inspire them that they can be who they are meant to be. And the more this ‘True Me’ kept trying to get out, the more turmoil I experienced. I was torn between the two, one pushing me forward and the other pulling me back.And so I made the decision that no longer will the pain pull me … This doesn’t mean that I no longer feel the pull back, I still do … It’s not an easy thing to do, it’s tough to digest and it’s a battle that I still fight every day.

My stomach still goes into knots and my head still spins when I hear back that someone has said something about me or de-friended me on Facebook, but I’m learning to accept what is, pass the story back to the other person and let them go with Love, it is OK that they don’t agree with what I am doing.

It’s OK that they don’t like me. I have a job to do, an important one that is to help others to be who they are meant to be. I no longer have time to worry about the opinions of others.

I am now being driven by the vision that pushes me … And I feel Free!

So my advice to you is …Accept that not everyone has to agree with You and that some people just don’t like You, and that this is OK.Let these people go with Love.

You are still a Rock Star!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Tell me … What is it that you want to do but Fear is stopping you from stepping forward? Or maybe you have overcome a Fear and you’d like to share it with me?

I would love to hear.

Lisa x

An Attitude Of Gratitude

“Whoever had will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has, will be taken away from him”

– Gospel of Matthew, Holy Scriptures

Today I want to talk about Gratitude and how Gratitude plays an essential role for you within your self-care journey.

What is Gratitude? Gratitude comes from the Latin word gratus, which means ‘pleasing, thankful’.

It is a feeling of appreciation felt by you and is the secret to experiencing happiness within. Expressing Gratitude for the things and experiences in your life attracts more good things to you. The Secret by Rhona Byrne explains that “Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want in your life” But, I get it, life is busy and full of stress, there is often so much to do, you’re late for work, you can’t find your keys and now the traffic is mayhem!

What do you have to be grateful for? EVERYTHING!

But, believe me, I really do understand what it is like to wake up not wanting to get out of bed, feeling the stress of the day before the day has began and having a number of inconveniences happen before you’ve even left the house, like stubbing your toe and spilling coffee down your shirt.

Then I found Gratitude; and wow did my life experiences change.

Those inconveniences don’t seem to happen much anymore! And on the odd occasion that it does happen, it’s not that big of a deal to have it impact the rest of my day and you can experience this too!

When you wake up, a state of Gratitude really does impact your experiences throughout the day. Remember when your alarm goes off and you say ‘oh I don’t want to get up‘ think of the person whose awake because they have slept outside and the cold has woken them up.

Give thanks for your warm bed, give thanks to your feet as they touch the floor, give thanks to those comfy slippers that keep your toes toasty whilst you wake up and begin your day.

Give thanks for everything and more good things will come your way. So let’s turn that frown upside down and let me show you how to really change your life through the expression of Gratitude.

Today’s Daily Action Step Grab a sheet of paper and write 10 things that you are Grateful for. Carry this about with you and look at it during the day. Keep it by your bed at night and look at it as soon as you wake up.

When your alarm goes off each morning, say thank you for waking up to another day and all the amazing things you are about to experience as you go about your day.

Question How do you feel when you express Gratitude? Let me know.

Lisa x

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How to step towards success

What I have learned that has helped me to step towards what you really want in life.

So many people have this vision, this burning desire within themselves to manifest something pretty awesome in their lives, but then they get stuck and don’t step forward towards their dreams.

So what stops you from achieving what it is that you actually desire? Well lots of things, but one Biggy is Perfectionism.

I used to think that Perfectionism was pretty cool and that if I was perfect and everything else around me was perfect then I could live the life of my dreams.

But in reality perfectionism is simply a protective factor and can lead us to experiencing feelings of failure, procrastination and shame (actually as I’m writing this blog, I’m experiencing all kind of perfectionist negative self-talk and thinking of how much nicer it would be to clean the bog!)

Yep, I am a perfectionist!

I learned from a really young age that if I passed the work at school or acted in a certain way that pleased my parents than I was complete, but life happens and I failed some exams and annoyed my parents, heck I even had some girlfriends talk about me and not be my friend anymore and I decided I just wasn’t good enough unless I became perfect. And I searched for years on how to become perfect and I was pretty frigging miserable!

I believed that I had to perfect and perfection meant success. How untrue this is!

When you have a burning desire to be something big in the world and be able to do the things you really want to do and have the life you really want to have, you must embrace imperfect action.

For things will never be perfect, it will never be the right time, there will always be a reason to wait.So my message to you is this …Take a deep breath, pull up your big knickers and step imperfectly towards your vision.

You will wobble and stumble, you will fall and mistakes will happen, but all of these experiences are must be learnings to help you on your road to your awesome success.

Enjoy and embrace what you are becoming and have the faith that you can do this.

Amazing things will begin to happen.

It is time to step forward with imperfect action because being imperfect is the new perfect.

Lisa x

How to make a vision board that actually works

I love vision boards and I really believe in them, because they have impacted my life so much. I’ve manifested some pretty awesome things from creating my own vision boards, including overcoming eating problems when I was in my 20’s to the birth of my third child, a baby girl! I love vision boards so much I now run vision board workshops.

Do you know what a Vision Board is?

It’s a way to manifest your dream life. When you make a Vision Board you get clear on what you want to create in your life. Once you get clarity, you select images and words from magazines, and paste them on a big poster board. You then look at your board every day so that you align your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract. (Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and Katy Perry all swear by Vision Boards!)

With that clarity found and your board created, you can then make a plan and put in place the action steps to get you into action and move towards your desires.

Vision boards are an effective tool for personal growth and goal setting.  The magical act of creating a vision board is in itself a wonderful experience because you are committing to spending time on “ME” and what “ME” really wants from life. 

It sounds pretty simple right, but making a vision board is much more than simply sticking words and pictures onto a plaster board. There is a process to make your Vision Board more powerful.

So how do you make a vision board that actually works?

Steps to take

1. Set your intention. 2. Get clear on what you want to be, do and have.
3. Create a list of goals you’d like to achieve in the next year.
4. Collect a bundle of old magazines and pictures.
5. Find pictures that represent your goals and inspire you.
6. Make a collage out of your photos.
7. Add motivational “affirmation” words that represent how you want to FEEL, and who you want to BECOME.
8. Take a few moments every day to it with and contemplate your vision board. 9. Make a plan of action 10. Get into action 11. Raise your frequency.

So you can see from my steps and what’s important to understand is that creating a vision board is only one important element to really manifesting your dream life. It’s essential to include other steps in the manifestation process.

Creating the intention, finding the clarity and the vision, creating your vision board and then following through with daily action is what makes a vision board really work. You can check out my blog blog for more detailed info on this.

Now its over to you.

Try it! 

Spend some time with you and create your very own vision board.

Keep me posted.

To find out more about my ‘Create Your Life’ vision board workshops you can click on this link: Create You Life Vision Board Workshops